Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild Forums!

These forums exist to have a friendly, focused discussion for all things gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture.

We have a few basic rules that must be followed, or you will no longer be welcome here (aka your topic / posts removed, or your account banned).

1. THERE ARE NO WRONG OPINIONS:  This is a safe place to have friendly discussion about whatever topic is being discussed.  Opinions are just that -- opinions.  Do not attack someone for disagreeing with you.

2. PLATFORM SUPERIORITY:  This goes along with rule #1 but deserves it's own rule.  We're all human, and as such, we probably have our preferred gaming platform.  Just because you like your platform of choice over another one doesn't make you right (or wrong).

3. STAY ON TOPIC (EXCEPT FOR THE 'EVERYTHING ELSE' AREA):  This should be self explanatory, but just in case it isn't -- don't start ranting about Star Wars in a forum thread about Halo.

4. NO NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) CONTENT:  This forum is visited by people of all ages.  This isn't the place to post inappropriate pictures or meme's or anything else that would make your mom blush.  They will be removed immediately.

5. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION *ANYWHERE*:  Yes -- this includes the "Everything Else" section of our forum.  Both of these topics are highly divisive, and as such are not to be discussed here.

6. NO HARASSMENT:  This cannot be stressed enough.  If you are harassing any member of this forum, you will be banned.  There is no three strike rule here.  If you need to know the definition of what qualifies as harassment, you'd better type it into Google now.  🙂

7. HAVE FUN:  You might think this seems odd to have listed as a rule, but at the end of the day, that's the entire point of this forum.  You're here to have fun -- just not at the expense of someone else.  Feel free to get animated, let your freak flag fly, rant/rave, or anything else you'd like to do provided it doesn't negatively effect someone else's enjoyment.
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