Jesse and I would like to officially announce the launch of The Adventurer's Guild Patreon!

The Patreon is located here:

When Jesse and I started our YouTube channel in 2019, we didn't know what to expect.  All we  knew was that we had a unique brand on humor and liked gaming and pop culture.  Fast forward to today and we've been absolutely amazed with the community we've began to build together.  We are constantly striving to try to make our content better with each new video that we release.
With that being said -- to continue to bring you better and better content means we are spending more and more money to continually improve our product (in this case -- videos).  Furthermore, we both feel very strongly about charitable causes.  An important part of both of our "real world" jobs involves both helping our communities thrive, and raising money / awareness for important issues.

What does this mean for you, the forums, and the content you've come to expect?
Frankly -- if you have no interest in the Patreon, it means absolutely nothing.  Nothing at all is changing.  The same content we've been delivering will continue to be delivered the same way.  We will be releasing "behind the scenes" footage on Patreon, but that has never appeared on our YouTube channel previously.
The forums are going to remain just as they are -- the perfect place to have focused discussion on gaming and pop culture.  The Patreon includes access to a Discord chat -- but for anyone familiar with Discord, this is anything but a focused discussion forum, lol.  We will be using the Discord to chat to chat, play some games from time to time, maybe share a meme or two (or 50), etc.
What it means for you if you are interested in the Patreon is more of what you already love -- there are two tiers ($1 and $3), and they include discord access, behind the scenes videos, voting on future videos, and more.  We invite you to check out the link above to learn more.

So why Patreon, and where is the money going?
Jesse and I are lucky in the fact that we both have rewarding professional lives outside of YouTube.  While some of the revenue we will earn from Patreon may wind up as "income" (for lack of a better word), we fully intend to put this money to good use.  It will assist us in improving our equipment, cover associated costs with filming, and most importantly -- a decent percentage is going straight to charitable causes via our "Guildies Give" initiative.  One of our founding principles when we began this journey was to "do good" -- and what better way than to use some of the profit to improve the lives of the community around us -- both locally and worldwide.  To learn more about Guildies Give, please see this link.
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