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Now let’s just talk about a dark mode theme... 😎

or a forum app.
Is it even possible to have an app handle full forums and convert it into an app for a more streamlined experience outside the browser? 🤔
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I was actually impressed with the mobile compatibility of the forum software we're using.  As far as apps, they *do* exist, but I don't think any are currently compatible.  The dark mode thing is a great question -- I'm going to move that up on the list!
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Rowan The Guildie Rowan Flamerhead
On my phone I put the forum as an app on my home screen. It is still online but off of safari. Super cool
Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood flamerhead.😀
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Noneya buisness. Mr_Haychila_The_Nerd
The mobile compatibility of this forum is actually really good, up until this post I had only been using my phone.
Your anonymous friend, Haychila.
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